Damar Machinery designs and builds custom prototypes and special machinery for a variety of industrial and manufacturing uses. We have decades of experience working with plastic injection molders, blow molders, diecasters, foundries and other metal workers whose jobs require assembly.  Over the years, we have also built machines for companies in the building products, medical device, aviation/aerospace, office furniture, automotive and other industries.  If you're making a part and need to put it together—and it has to meet the highest quality standards—we can build you a machine.    

We provide comprehensive solutions, from engineering and custom fabrication, to manufacturing, assembly, wiring, programming and installation. Once we’ve helped you implement the machinery, we provide training and offer ongoing service and maintenance to keep your machines running—because uptime and overall equipment efficiency are critical to your success and profitability. 

Every single Damar machine is designed and built to deliver reliable, consistent operation and quality. We design using the latest solid-modeling based CAD software and hardware. When it comes to manufacturing, we are capable of producing all the required detailed components and assemblies, along with complex CNC-cut fixturing and tools.  We also have long-standing partnerships with many specialty tool shops, allowing us to offer you the best solutions at a fair price.  

All of our Damar machines are also user-friendly, easy to program and built to last.  We work with customers to provide training, ongoing maintenance and service support. Our capabilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Single and Multiple Station Assembly Machines/Systems
  • Robotic Screwdriving Assembly - 6-axis & Cartesian Styles
  • Plastic Degating Machines - Operator Load or Robot Load Operation
  • Staking Machines
  • Metal and Plastic Cutting Machines - Drilling, Taping, Milling, Recess
  • Automatic Load/Unload Systems for CNC Machining Centers
  • Specialty Press Applications - Pneumatic, Hydraulic, Hydra-Pneumatic
  • Fixtures and Jigs in both CNC-machined or 3D-printed configurations
  • Product Testing Machines - Pressure Decay (Leak) Testing, Force
  • Vision Inspection using entry-level and PC-based solutions
  • In-house Electrical Wiring and Programming - PLC and PC-based controls

For more information about our capabilities and projects we have completed for customers, or to obtain a quote on a project, call 616-453-4655 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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